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The loss of a loved one is a major event. You must immediately make all kinds of arrangements, although you probably do not think about it. For example, it is important that the death is reported to your mortgage provider. They often have a next of kin counter that can help you to carefully deal with matters related to the mortgage, such as changes in the name or in the account number for collection.

A death often has a major financial impact. In many cases, mortgages come with life insurance to deal with these consequences. It may be possible to claim a survivor's pension. If you have a mortgage with a National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), you can make a claim on the Woonlastenfaciliteit (WLF) in the event of your death to bridge any payment problems. If you do not want to or are unable to keep the home, NHG can grant you the right to cancellation of the mortgage if a residual debt arises when the home is sold.

Has the death resulted in mortgage arrears, are you expecting arrears or do you have other questions about your mortgage as a result of the death? Then please contact us. We will be happy to assist you and work with you to find a solution.