Working together on sustainable recovery

About mender

Mender helps people with arrears on their way to sustainable recovery, so that they do not get into arrears again. The base of our strategies is always that the customer can keep its home. At Mender we work in a completely transparent way and we strive for a healthy financial future for the customer. Mender is the new name of HypoCasso.

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Our customer service values

Mender works according to its six customer promises. Below you can see which customer promises there are and what they mean for you.


During your first meeting we will clarify what needs to be done and how we will help you.

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Dedicated contact person

A dedicated contact person, focused on your situation and needs.

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we put your personal situation and wishes first, whenever we interact with you.

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Financial space

Never pay more than your situation allows, so you can live your live.

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Never any unnecessary cost, such as legal collection fees.

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Always in contact with committed expert with a mandate to act.

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Mender is the best people-oriented service provider in prevention and arrears management. We achieve this through continuous development. We are constantly searching for ways to improve.


We believe that having a home is at the base of a happy live. We strive to ensure that consumers can continue to live in their homes.

It is great to be able to offer people with serious financial problems a way out. And to make a difference at a difficult time in their lives. Together with the consumer we look for a solution. And work towards sustainable recovery.

Core values

We immerse ourselves in the situation of the consumer, show initiative, think creatively and enter every conversation without judgment.