How can we help you?

Every day we work hard on our services. If you have a complaint or a suggestion about how we can further improve our services, please let us know. We are happy to work with you to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Can we solve it together?

We are here to help

You can e-mail your complaint to You can also send your complaint via post. Send your complaint, together with copies of documents or information that clarify your complaint, to: Mender Afdeling Centraal Klachtenmanagement | PO Box 2686 3800 GE Amersfoort

What happens after you file a complaint?

On working days we will confirm the receipt your complaint within 48 hours. You will receive this confirmation from our Central Complaints Management (Centraal Klachtenmanagement). The confirmation of the receipt contains the file number, the latest date on which you will receive an answer and the contact details for any questions.

Are you not satisfied with our response to your complaint?

you can appeal up to six weeks after you have received the answer to your complaint. You can ask us by e-mail or letter to reassess your complaint. Please include the file number of your complaint and, if possible, send copies of details clarifying your complaint.

What happens after you appeal?

Your complaint and the response provided will be re-examined and reviewed. This review will always be done by a different employee than the one who initially investigated your complaint. In our reply we will indicate whether we will reconsider our position.

Has this not resolved your complaint?

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your resolved complaint, you can submit your complaint to the financial complaints institute kifid via within three months of our response.

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