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Are you unable to fulfil a payment?

Good to know what to expect.

Step 1 - Missed a payment?
No worries. It happens sometimes to most of us. If you read the letter, you will know exactly what to do.

Step 2 - Get in touch
Call us or send us an e-mail. We speak to dozens of people every week. We know your story and are happy to help.

Step 3 - Together we solve it
We listen to you. We may not be able to solve everything with one phone call. Sometimes extra help is needed. For example, a budget coach, job coach or a meeting with your bank. We put you in touch with the right people. Together towards sustainable recovery.

Pay directly

Do you want to make a payment?

If you want to make a payment, you can transfer the whole amount to us via Internet Banking. Look under 'make your own transfer' for the correct account number of your mortgage provider. Always state your loan number when making a payment. Make sure that you enter the correct account number to which you want to transfer the money.

Payment arrangement

If you want to make a payment arrangement of several instalments, we advise you to contact us by telephone. In this case, we will see if we can agree on a suitable payment arrangement with you.

Call us via 033-422 9411

Make your own transfer

Would you like to transfer the money via your own bank? Always state your loan number. You will find an overview of the account numbers (IBAN) here

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