Costumer service value


We put your personal situation and wishes first, whenever you interact with us.

  • Every conversation revolves around your situation. We find it important to help you without judgment. You can always expect this from us.

  • In the first interview we ask about your situation and your wishes. In every subsequent contact you will notice that we always speak to your needs and situation and come up with solutions. For example:
    • Do you want to keep your home at all costs or perhaps sell it?
    • What is the background to your situation and what would you like us to take into account?

  • You can always tell us your story. One third of the Dutch population has to deal with payment difficulties at some point, and we have years of experience with debt assistance. Hence you do not have to worry that we do not understand your situation.

  • You can discuss your situation with us by telephone. We can also make an appointment at your home or at our office. For example if you like to just put all the information and papers on the table and go through them together.

  • We also offer you choices regarding the payment of your arrears. Think of payment date, payment terms and mid term extra repayments