Your situation

Lost overview?

Getting and keeping one's finances in order is not always easy. Some of our clients lose their overview and no longer have a clear picture of the relationship between income and expenditure. This sometimes causes payment problems.

To prevent this, it is useful to process the post and e-mail at least once a week and to draw up a budget, so that you have a clear overview of your income and expenditure. If this is difficult for you, in most municipalities you can call on volunteers who can help you (free of charge) to put your 'home administration' back in order.

Several banks offer the option of setting up a direct debit alert. You will then receive a reminder that an amount will be collected in a few days. Some mortgage lenders also offer this option by means of a free text message.

Have you lost track or are you in danger of losing track and are you worried about your mortgage? Then please contact us. We will be happy to work with you to find a good solution.